Mateo Oxley

Rich, engaging, smooth. Neutral/ Norwich

Mateo Oxley

Rich, engaging, smooth. Neutral/ Norwich

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Mateo has a rich, engaging, smooth and sincere voice.

Training: Arts Educational Schools London, School of Acting

Theatre includes: Much Ado About Nothing, Angels In America, Three Days In The Country (all for the Royal National Theatre) and The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable (Punchdrunk/Royal National Theatre). 

Screen includes: Smash-hit comedy The Windsor's as Count Edoardo Mapelli-Mozzi (Channel 4) Charlie in WWII drama Magpie (Feature film) and FBI operative Eric O'Neill in The Spying Game (History).

Voiceover includes: Torchwood: Empire of Shadows, The War Master: Solitary Confinement (Big Finish), Jack and the Giant Tantrum (Penguin Audio), Tales From The Night Sky podcast (Monkey and Bird) as the constellation Equuleus and, most recently, narration for Emmett de Monterey’s stunning memoir Go The Way Your Blood Beats (Penguin Audio).

In addition to his work across stage, screen and voiceover, Mateo has amassed a global digital following across major streaming platforms Spotify and AppleMusic for his lustrous acoustic covers.



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