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During this unusual time, Voicebank London has a fabulous selection of artists ready, willing and able to record from home. Simply choose 'Home Recording' from the 'Project Types' option on the 'Artists' menu to view them all. We have also marked all Home Recording Artists with * beside their names. We are currently adding a remotely-recorded demo for each artist (which includes mic description) and hope to have these for all Home-Record artists soon. Where an artist has a remotely recorded sample available, this can be played from the 'Home Recording' list or from the artist's individual Profile Page. Please contact us if you require technical information about any artist's recording equipment or would like a specific home record demo.


Voicebank London is open as per usual.

During this unusual time many of our voiceover artists are ready, willing and able to record from home. We have a detailed list of these artists which includes tech specs and samples from their home setup and this is regularly updated. If you would like access to this list please contact us on voices@voicebanklondon.co.uk or call us on +020 3326 5430.

For easy identification we have put a * beside everyone on our website who has home recording facilities.

I'm afraid we do not respond to or forward fan mail. Please send this to acting/management agents.

After more than two decades as Ireland’s top voiceover agency, we are delighted to say that Voicebank is now open for business in the UK, representing great UK talent for UK audiences.

Voicebank London represents a shiny new group of artists of the highest calibre - we would never recommend anyone but the best and we personally recommend our VO artists - each and every one! We have taken time selecting those that we believe are the best, and have also spent time getting to know each artist, and their capabilities. Hailing from all parts of the UK (and we’ve some Irish too) they are ready, willing and more than able to bring your script to full, technicolour life!

So, if you’re looking for superb, fresh, top-drawer voiceover talent please look no further!

(for a fully comprehensive choice of Irish talent visit our Dublin site: www.voicebank.ie)

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