Izzy Judd

Endearing, Nurturing, Sincere. RP

Izzy Judd

Endearing, Nurturing, Sincere. RP

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Bright, nurturing, cheerful and clear.

A classically trained musician, Izzy Judd first studied the violin at Chethams School of Music and then went on to the Royal Academy of Music. Izzy was a semi finalist in Britain’s Got Talent with her string quartet Escala, and the group went on to have a top 10 record in the UK album chart. 

In 2018 Izzy launched her own podcast, ‘Let’s Talk Fertility’ in 2018. Each week Izzy speaks to fertility experts as well as hearing guests’ personal fertility stories, including those of Alex Jones, Gabby Logan & Sophie Beresiner. 

Izzy’s second book, 'Mindfulness for Mums' came out in January 2020. The book is full of simple and practical exercises to help mums and their family feel calm, connected and content amid the chaos of life. 


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